Love is Your Power Source

What is a power greater than you? One certain answer is Love. In a previous exercise, we thought about someone who is not here in physical form anymore, but their love still ripples through us.

That means even when our bodies and minds are gone, our love continues. Therefore, Love is more powerful than us. Drilling deeper into the topic, many people may equate Love with God. If we were having this conversation 100 years ago, or in a different part of the world, it would be easy to say, “God is Love.”

This conversation would simply end with, “I am a Conduit for God’s Love.” I spend a lot of time travelling back and forth from India. When I arrive in India, I need to fill out a customs declaration. Along with your address, your sex, your age, etc, they also ask you about your religion. It seems strange to me because where I am from, it’s almost like a violation of somebody’s rights to ask them about their religion.

In a place like India, or here in Bali, it is inconceivable that you wouldn’t belong to any religion. There was no box on the form that said, “spiritual, but not religious.”

Many of us have drifted towards a more secular view of the world. This means we need ways of explaining the phenomenon of turning the controls over to a higher power. There is a lot to the phrase “Love is My Religion.” Let’s dive deeper.

The root of the word religion means to “re-bind.” Just like Yoga, means binding or uniting two things our consciousness with the universal consciousness. Religion is a lot like the word, “Yoga,” where we bind two things together.

If you say, “Love is my Religion,” what you are saying is that you are getting “re-bound” to Love. Whether you say that is from some source, energy or God, that’s your decision with your relationship with that experience.

I’m not here to tell you what to believe or not to believe. However, when I am teaching or giving a lecture, I turn the controls over to my Power Source. In closing meditation, I want them to feel something. After all, yoga is a feeling and not just a Shape. I want everyone to leave “relinked” to Love. I try and generate a feeling of Love inside of me.

Then I try and broadcast it out. My heart is not really in charge. I need to turn this over to my Superpower.

What I do, is I feel that there is a universal heart. I take my heart like a plug. And I plug it into the “Universal Heart.” I let the power of great, universal, unconditional Love come into me. If this was electricity, I’ve got a nuclear power plant behind me. I plug into a major current… It truly feels like it’s not me…

I need to show up with that feeling that I am not the doer.

I am the receiver and the broadcaster, but I can only do it from this “Universal Heart.” This is important for those of you teaching yoga because I get sad when I see yoga being reduced to just fitness, flexibility, or relaxation. It needs to be something that refills our hearts every single time.

In a Blissology Yoga class, this is what we are trying to do. We are trying to release the darkness and plug back into light.

Let’s see how this higher power shows up outside of Yoga. Let’s say you are a nurse, for example. Suppose somebody is suffering and you feel compelled to put your hand on their hand. If I touch them with compassion and it is just me without any universal power source there, then I am going to drain my energy.

I’m going to go home feeling drained because I have only got so much energy. My battery is small compared to the Universal Heart. If I put my hand on somebody and care about them then I will become exhausted.

However, if you can feel that that it is a source outside of you and it comes through you something completely different happens. You net out energy positive and don’t get drained.

If you put your hand on somebody in a gesture of compassion and feel as if this is coming from the universe, this is an infinite well. When you give from this place. it will leave you way less drained. In fact, it will fill you with energy. You don’t just become kinder, you become kindness itself.

The world I dream of is where we can allow ourselves to receive this higher love and to broadcast it in everything we do. I share it whether I am in arguments with people and in my joy at a dinner party. This is what I mean when I say Love is Our Power Source.

If you are acting alone, you are going to end up drained. Firstly, if you are acting as if something is coming through you, it will be so beautiful that it inspires so many to also spread that love to others.
Secondly, it is a joy and an honour to share this love, and it is the whole purpose of life. Put your hand on the cosmic hose and conduct that current of Universal Love.

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