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Living Yoga Bundle

Learn the wisdom of the Yoga Sutras, Ayurveda and distill it with the philosophy of Yogic by Nature.

Want to learn more about Yoga and how to really live with its wisdom in your own daily life?

These 3 Courses will offer you the wisdom of Ayurveda; the hows and whys of meditation via the pivotal concepts presented in the Yoga Sutras; and ultimately connect you to the wisdom of your own inner ecosystem when it relates to our outer environment, via Yogic by Nature.

This course bundle will shine the light of yoga in your life with ultimate bliss.

What you’ll receive in the Living Yoga Bundle

Three transformative courses to help you to live and enjoy the wisdom of yoga + meditation every single day:

Yoga Sutras
Plug into this ancient technology
for living life with intention, presence and peace.

Blissology Yogic By Nature
Dive deep into the philosophy of Blissology
with this 75-hour course open to teachers and
non-teachers alike.

Applying Ayurveda to our modern lives
for more balance, vitality, joy and ease.

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