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Jala Neti: An Indispensable Ayurvedic Practice for Health and Immunity

Jala Neti is an ancient Ayurvedic technique that cleans and clears nasal passages. “Jala” means water and “Neti” means to wash.

This is one of the videos from Insiya’s Urban Ayurveda course. Here, Insiya shows us how to use warm water and sea salt to create the ideal cleaning solution. The technique is simple but there are some tricks to the trade. There is increasing evidence that clearing the nasal passageways can prevent viral infections from entering the lungs.

According to peer-reviewed research published in the International Journal of Pharmacology and Immunology

“Public health measures are essential to protect against COronaVIrus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). The nose and the mouth represent entry portals for the COVID 19. Saline Nasal Irrigations (SNIs) can reduce the viral load in the nasal cavities. Oral rinse with antimicrobial agents is efficacious in reducing the viral load in oral fluids. We advocate the inclusion of SNIs and ethanol oral rinses as additional measures to the current public health measures, to prevent and control the transmission of any respiratory infectious disease, including COVID-19.

By no means should this be the only thing you should do to increase your immunity. However, Jala Neti or what modern science is now calling “Saline Nasal Irrigation,” is a great step towards protecting yourself and the ones you love. Once you feel how clear your breathing becomes after doing this ancient technique you will make it an indispensable part of your daily purification practices.

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