Supeflow™ is an evolutionary movement art, created by master teacher Eoin Finn that blends the focus and integration of yoga with chi movements and organic surf-inspired flow.

This joyous way of moving was born of sand and salt air many decades ago; and with it we become more in rhythm with nature and the intelligence that guides all life. Superflow complements a linear vinyasa practice, challenges your fitness, and fills you with stoke.

This course is for you if you are an intermediate yoga practitioner, a yoga teacher, or someone who loves exploring holistic movement practice. You will qualify for 50 Yoga Alliance CEUs with Superflow.

This course is taught as a 5-day immersion. There will be required pre-reading, films, assigned journaling exercises, and various experiential learning as well as teaching exercises. We pride ourselves on our desire for the community; enjoy family meals, sunset yoga and the potential for a group surf excursion during this module.