Teaching Methodology (Part 2)


In an exciting convergence of the online and in person teaching worlds, we will run this course live and interactively from Bali, Indonesia, where students from the in person 200 hr YTT will connect with our online global, community. We are very excited to share the love and learning across all borders.

Please ensure you have completed Part 1: 100 HR Online Immersion & received your 100 HR Certification + Align Your Yoga Align Your Life Part 2 & Commit to Bliss Part 2 before beginning this interactive course. 

Teaching Methodology 2 is an extension of Part 1.

In this course, you will continue to learn to teach with feeling and with clarity, focussing on the second half of Blissology’s Yoga Honey Routine. 

You will learn to rethink how and why yoga is taught, so that you are not just reciting stale cues that do not fully capture the full potential of the asanas.  

We will up-level your ability to empower students to build the most beneficial poses for their unique needs and bodies. 

As a result, you will become crystal clear on the tools to help transfer knowledge in a way that students can understand and build yoga poses up from the inside out.