Weekly classes with Eoin, Canggu, Bali.


Join Eoin Finn for an in person Blissology Yoga Flow in Pereranan, Canggu. We are stoked to be able to practice together in real life and each class will focus on bringing more LOVE and KINDNESS into your day so that you can open up your heart to lightness and let go of any tightness. Classes are drop in friendly. 

Who are these classes designed for? All levels of yogis. Whether you are a newbie or advanced you will find something in these practices.

About your Teacher:

I’m Eoin – A Canadian native, yogi, surfer, ocean-activist, athlete,functional coach and Blissologist that has been carving my original tracks through the metaphysical worlds of yoga, philosophy and movement since 1989. When people ask me if I am a yoga teacher, I often reply that Yoga is just the gateway. Blissology is so much more than just yoga.

My Style – Fresh. Innovative. Blissful & Deep.
My Mission – To free us from the stories that stop us from fearlessly bringing more love out into the world.
I’m Known For – Connecting you to yoga in a way that allows you to thrive more in your body, mind, relationships, community and nature!