Immunity Jamu: a healing drink from Indonesia

One of the ways we’ve boosted our immunity over this past year has been through a daily shot of turmeric + ginger jamu.

Jamus are natural, plant based beverages that derive from Central Java, Indonesia; about 1200 years ago. They are an essential part of the Indonesian herbal tradition; and there are said to be approximately 1700 different recipes for jamus, assisting with everything from healing various ailments, to increase energy or promote relaxation; for before and after pregnancy; or simply to sustain health.

Jamus are typically made from whole plants and use potent herbs such as various types of ginger and turmeric as well as cinnamon, tamarind or pandan leaf to activate and strengthen the immune system.

One thing that has been beautiful to observe over this past year and more in Bali; is that Jamus are still made in the traditional way: there’s a careful sourcing of ingredients, peeling and extraction. I also love noticing the jamu sellers on motorbikes or sometimes on bicycle peddling their health giving elixirs in the local villages.

Here is a jamu recipe containing two of my favourite, hard working herbs: ginger and turmeric. They have strong anti inflammatory, digestive, and anti-bacterial properties. As well, with the raw honey and lime juice, this jamu is delicious and a beautiful, warmth generating drink. Perfect for the Fall/ Winter season.

We hope you will love it and it will share a taste of Bali with you right in your kitchen! 🙂

turmeric jamu, bali

Let us know how it went. If you make this recipe, do post and share on social media with the hashtag #blissology and #blissjamu 🙂

Note: This mixture will last in your fridge for about 3 days.

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