Goodbye Anxiety: Adrenal Draining in 6 Minutes

Adrenal Draining is a 6-minute technique based on Embodied Physiology and Eoin’s work with the ancient Chakra system. We spend a few minutes on our back experiencing a deep reset of our nervous system and self-regulating towards peace.

We will then do some luxurious supine yoga twists to unwind the body, let go of holding patterns and to restore calm in our belly.

We will breathe in expansively and breath out worries, fear and tension. If we don’t move these out of the body, we become tenser and interfere with our body’s natural immune responses.

This technique is one of many you will learn in our Commit to Bliss course ( – the goal of this yoga, meditation, philosophy and physiology course is to learn how to make Embodied Peace your SetPoint.

One question we explore in this groundbreaking course is, “what has changed in modern living compared to life 30 years ago?” When we think about it, our pace is accelerating, we are always on and available, we want everything in a hurry and we are multi-tasking more.

This leaves us scattered and drained.

This practice is about countering this “Rajasic,” fast-paced energy.

We recommend this practice anytime during the day when you need to reset or before bedtime.

Make Embodied Peace Your set point.
Drain Your adrenals.
Commit to Bliss!

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