Eoin’s New Book is Available on Kickstarter

Aloha Everyone!

The day is finally here to launch the pre-sales of my new book, Yoga Optimized!
Because these tools for mind-body wellness are too good not to share, I’ve had a fire inside that would not let me stop until this book enters the world.

I have spent uncountable hours writing Yoga Optimized with an unshakeable commitment to make sophisticated movement principles simple and inspirational.

Your support is essential to make this book a reality. We’ve created a fun and interactive campaign on Kickstarter to finance the production costs. Not only will you get a life-changing book, but you will also help get this work into the hands of thousands of others around the globe. Please check it out and help me spread the word about this project to your friends. Let’s create an UPWARD SPIRAL together.

With Love and Aloha,


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One Comment

  1. Hello!

    I’m so happy the kickstarter program was successful! Excited to receive my Yoga Optimized book : )

    I am also stoked to participate in the on line Yoga Foundations Course. Is there a code or something you use at check out?
    Thank you so much for this opportunity!
    Blissed in Oregon, Cas

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