Commit to Bliss

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Session 4 Getting Unstuck: A Blissology Yoga + Meditation Fusion

Embrace your inner Blissologist, amplify your yoga and meditation practices with both traditional and progressive techniques, letting go of old stories, and awakening the most joyous place in our hearts. This will open the door to a life of more purpose, more connection, and more love.

This course is available as a Self-Guided Journey, available anytime, and as an interactive course Feb 4 – 26. It is designed for anybody and anybody who wants to become a blissologist and develop the skills to embody peace and set our internal dials for lasting contentment.

For most people, their minds walk them. This means that they are happy when “good things” happen and off-balance when things happen that we don’t want. But there is a place of deep peace inside of all of us, accessible at all times. Commit to Bliss is about deepening our attachment to that place.

Imagine living with such deep happiness at the core of your being, that it radiates that out into the lives of others.  This is what we call the Upward Spiral. Commit to Bliss is a transformative program designed to help you to create positive life shifts from the inside out, so that you learn how to live life with presence, joy, and purpose.

Through Blissology Yoga practices and insightful discussions, we will experience why quiet time in nature is the essential spiritual gateway. Learn how to read bodily feedback to release “issues from our tissues” and explore techniques to honor our body’s barometer for inner guidance and healing.

Expect to learn tools from both traditional yoga and ones that are unique to our Blissology School. You will be able to better self-regulate back to peace, mediation will be a joy, not a chore and you will be able to manage the energy you show up with in the world

Blissology Breathing techniques you will learn are Embodying Sattva, Breath Massage, Head Belly Heart Harmony, Ocean Pulsation Breath and Chi Meditation 

Some fluency with Hatha Yoga is recommended but is not essential. You will expand your yoga practice no matter what level you are at. If meditation seems hard to you, it will be both easy and a total joy after this course. This program will deepen your connection to your Highest Vibrational Self and is a potent gift to your own life, to your personal relationships, your work and to the planet itself.  Be ready to feel inspired and channel Bliss.

What to expect from this course :

  • 6 Content Blocks of inspiring and transformative lectures by Eoin Finn
  • OM Work, Journal discussions and conversations that will help us grow into our joy
  • 3 Interactive Zoom Calls with Eoin
  • Daily Yoga + Meditation practices to create a positive attitude and radiantly alive body
  • Forums to discuss thought-provoking journal questions with Blissologists from around the world
  • Learn ways of making meditation enjoyable and not a boring chore
  • Learn to manage your energy for maximum well-being and joy
  • Develop the tools for a positive mindset and make “Embodied Peace” a set point
  • Understanding the goal of classical yoga and how we can adapt these teachings to modern living
  • Learn Unique Blissology Breathing Techniques and Embodied Physiology 
  • Understanding the science of breathing and our nervous system to reveal our highest vibrational self
  • Balancing Science with Feeling to radically level up our skills of self-regulating back to peace
  • To be able to apply these skills of embodied peace on and off the yoga mat.
  • To live a life inspired by your heart’s deepest calling. 

Who is this course for?

  1. Who is this course for? Anyone who wants to deepen their yoga and meditation and learn how to use these tools to live a more peaceful and purposeful life.  It is part of our 100 + 200 hour Blissology Yoga Certification track, but it is a great course for anybody and everybody who wants to learn these powerful techniques to create more peace in our minds and bodies.
  2. What should I expect to learn from this course? You will learn how to make meditation and yoga an accessible and practical daily habit, but more importantly you will gain the wisdom to make embodied peace your set point, self-regulating your own physiology and psychology to shift limited concepts of yourself and help you to grow.

Course Goals:

  • OM Work, Journal discussions and conversations
  • Each session has unique yoga practices and meditations so we can practice daily
  • Make meditation easy and applicable to your daily life
  • Understanding the goal of classical yoga, Santosha, Dukha, Sukha, the Gunas and more
  • Learn Unique Blissology Breathing Techniques and Embodied Physiology so you regulate towards peace
  • Understanding the science of breathing and our nervous system to better
  • Balancing Science with Feeling and yogic wisdom
  • Forums to discuss journal topics with like-minded Blissologists from around the world
  • Understanding and Managing Energy
  • More joy, peace and bliss!

Key Dates:

Zoom Call 1 with Eoin Sat Feb 5 9:30AM Bali = Fri Feb 4 5:30 PM PST

Session 1  Fri Feb 4
Lecture: Contentment from the Yogic Perspective
Breath Technique: Nadi Shodana; Alternate Nostril Breathing.

Session  2  Tues Feb 8.
Lecture: Our Energy Map: THE GUNAS
Blissology Breath Technique: Embodying Sattva
Zoom call with Eoin Feb 10

Zoom Call 2 with Eoin Thur Feb 10 9:30AM Bali = Wed Feb 9 5:30 PM PST

Session 3  Fri Feb 11
Lecture: The Art + Science of Self Regulation & Peace
Blissology Breath Technique: The Breath Massage

Session  4  Tues Feb 15
Lecture: The Somatic Experience
Blissology Breath Technique: Head Belly Heart Harmony

Session 5  Fri Feb 18
Lecture: Steering our Ship using Embodied Physiology
Blissology Breath Technique: Ocean Pulsation Breath 

Session  6 Tues Feb 22
Lecture: The Language of Sensations + Energy
Blissology Breath Technique: Chi Meditation
Zoom call with Eoin Feb 24

Zoom Call 3 with Eoin Thur Feb 23 9:30AM Bali = Wed Feb 22 5:30 PM PST

Still with us? We know you’re keen. Sign up now to avail of a special New Years’s Discount until January 15 and receive 40% off the course. We hope to see you on your mat in February. Namaste.

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