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Superflow + Yoga Foundations + The Skill of Chill

Join Eoin for a weekend of Blissology workshops at Semperviva, Vancouver for a dose of bliss and inspiration!


Start: 2019/02/08
End: 2019/02/10


Semperviva Yoga
110-2201 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
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Website: https://www.semperviva.com/location/kits-beach-studio/

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What to expect

Superflow: the Fluid Body masterclass at Kits Beach Studio
Friday Feb 8, 19:30 – 21:30

Flow is the essence of our being-it involves being present to every breath that we take and to our collective universal breath. In alignment-based flow yoga we move in a linear synchronicity, patterning our bodies to the alignment of yoga asanas. While this moving in a linear fashion is incredible way of learning and discipline, we tend to focus on too much, while ignoring our innate developmental movement patterns, the spiralling, circular forms of movement that are essential to our innate selves that we call “superflow.”

Drawing inspiration from yoga, ancient martial arts, dance, surfing, ski and snowboard  maneuvers, Superflow is an ecstatic form of movement. Set to music, it starts off slowly, allowing ourselves to feel centered and open in our bodies. Gradually we build up in intensity, spiralling back in touch with the joy of movement.

Superflow is not a replacement of yoga as we know it, but a powerful complement to the regular yoga practice, offering a little more exuberance and a little less introverted energy. It complements static movements with rhythmic flow. You will sweat, release and feel the life

Yoga Foundations at City Studio
Saturday Feb 9, 13:00 – 16:00

Some of the poses we do most often in yoga are also the most complex-upward dog, downward dog, chaturanga and triangle. Fortunately, when we learn the details of these poses correctly, we can understand the underlying principles for so many other asanas. This workshop is essential for beginners as well as intermediate students who want to develop an intelligent foundation for a safe, therapeutic and fluid yoga practice.

The Skill of Chill at City Studio
Sunday Feb 10, 13:00 – 16:00

Be ready for a deep soulful slow flow yoga class and an incredible meditation experience that is nothing short of paradigm shifting. We want to share the tools and techniques of how to be more present and feel the profound connection to our bodies, our community and nature. Expect a short lecture on yoga, your nervous system and the adrenals. Discover how understanding the adrenals and the nervous system can serve to balance out our Chakra system. Bring calm, clarity and light into your life and open up our deepest consciousness.

Pricing: $45 for Friday PM only, $55 for either Sat or Sun only or $145 for the full weekend. Register on Semperviva’s website!


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