• Where: Portland, Oregon, United States
  • When: 15 Nov 2019
  • Cost: $40-50

Explore unique Blissology Yoga alignment techniques that will leave your body feeling vital and your mind radiant. We will share an approach to the poses that balances the Yin (mobility) with the Yang (stability) forces for the most functional bodies now and well into old age.

We will then flow into a joyous practice emphasizing mind-body harmony and balancing out the knowledge we have absorbed with the inner-intelligence of our “wise guide inside.”

Enjoy the fitness benefits of vinyasa fused with biomechanical wisdom and that precious state of mind we all cherish, called flow.
This workshop will help make us kinder to our bodies, to our communities and to nature. Love is the Ultimate Renewable Resource.

Friday, November 15th
6:30pm – 8:30pm
Early Enrollment before 10/31 $40
After 10/31 $50