• Where: Pure Hot Yoga / Calgary, Canada
  • When: 13 Dec 2019 — 14 Dec 2019

Open Heart, Open Hips. (intermediate and advanced)
Friday, December 13th
18:00 – 20:30

It’s time to get super deep with our hip openers. This means we will take some time to break down the basics of hip function, the muscles we are targeting and the potential risk and alignment strategies so we can choose the appropriate level without harming ourselves.

Expect to go deep using Blissology Alignment principles, opening up to our energy body and the wisdom of our deepest heart. As always, the focus is ultimately on opening up to lovethe ultimate renewable resource.


  • learn progressive and innovative approach to opening yoga alignment
  • learn how to open up the hips in a therapeutic + sustainable way
  • learn how practice can lean

Superflow: the Fluid Body
Saturday, December 14th
14:00 – 17:00

Superflow™ is a movement art that blends yoga, chi movements with organic surf flow. It is circular and fluid was born on the sand and the salt air many decades ago. It feels beautiful to move in this way to our bodies, our minds and our hearts. We become more in rhythm with nature and the intelligence that guides all life!

Like the ocean itself, Superflow ™ movements are sometimes gentle, fluid and calming; Sometimes they are powerful and explosive.  The fitness sequences will make you strong yet loose, not stiff and rigid.  Expect to master the skills of both softness and fluid strength and functional rotations.

Supeflow™ is also a ritual of our interconnection with nature and the ocean. Our intention is to dissolve the barrier between where we end, and nature begins. We want to share these skills of brining deep ecology into your classes and show you how fluidity opens the door.

Link to tickets coming soon!