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Open Heart, Open Hips + Love is the Ultimate Renewable Resource

Eoin is stoked to finally be coming back to Sukha Yoga for two workshops on Friday and Saturday!


Start: 2018/01/26
End: 2018/01/27


Sukha Yoga
2324 S Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78704 United States
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Website: http://www.sukhayogaaustin.com/

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What to expect

Open Heart, Open Hips (intermediate & advanced)
Friday, January 26th
19:30 – 21:30

It’s time to get super deep with our hip openers. This means we will take some time to break down the basics of hip function, the muscles we are targeting and the potential risk and alignment strategies so we can choose the appropriate level without harming ourselves.

Expect to go deep using Blissology Alignment principles, opening up to our energy body and the wisdom of our deepest heart. As always, the focus is ultimately on opening up to love-the ultimate renewable resource.

Love is the Ultimate Renewable Resource
Saturday, January 27th
14:00 – 17:00

This master class starts off with a 30-40 minute Blissology discussion about the most googled question in the world: “What is Love?” What are the different types of Love? Is love only sweet? What about grief and all things bitter? How can we transmute those negative experiences into joy? Some of us are blocked about loving to our full capacity fearing vulnerability.  Others give love so much we feel depleted and resentful.  How does yoga help us become more loving? Is love a neuro-chemical or a great force in the universe like electromagnetism? What does nature have to teach us about how we can create more Love? Why are we so afraid of touch?

After these life-altering explorations, we will go deep into a Blissology Vinyasa Flow class that will not just get you loose and fit but release restore our connection to our inner light.  Expect your heart to feel lighter and more open and to reset your whole operating system with a huge download of bliss.

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