• Where: Victoria, BC, Canada
  • When: 1 Nov 2019
  • Cost: $40

Superflow ™ is a movement art that blends yoga and chi movements with organic surf flow. Circular and fluid, it was born on the sand and salt air many decades ago and like the ocean with its shifting currents, Superflow ™ movements can be gentle, fluid and calming; as well as powerful and explosive. In practice, you will experience intelligent and challenging fitness sequences that will make you strong yet loose, not stiff and rigid; and you will master the skills of softness, fluid strength and functional rotation. Superflow™ is also a deep ritual of our interconnection with nature and the ocean. It feels incredible to move in this holistic way for our bodies, our minds and our hearts. We resonate more in rhythm with nature and the intelligence that guides all life.

Feel free to come in Halloween attire as your favorite superhero, ocean animal or whatever else inspires you. Proceeds from this class will benefit the Blissology EcoKarma Foundation to help us build healthier oceans for generations to come.