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Eoin Finn & Insiya Rasiwala-Finn at Bali Spirit Festival

Eoin and Insiya are coming back to the magical island of Bali to teach at BaliSpirit Festival!


Start: 2018/04/02
End: 2018/04/08


BaliSpirit Festival
Jalan Gunung Abang, Banjar Penataran, Negara, Batuan, Batuan, Sukawati, Gianyar
Ubud, Bali 80571 Indonesia
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What to expect

Join the tribe of BaliSpirit Festival for 6 days & 7 nights with over 200 workshops and seminars, a lively community market and healing center, a children’s activity zone, yoga classes and vibrant night time programs of live music concerts, ecstatic dance and DJs, all set among the picturesque rice-fields of Ubud, Bali.


Superflow with Eoin Finn
Thursday, April 5th, 10:15 – 12:00

Flow is the essence of our being. It involves being present to every breath that we take and to our collective universal breath. In alignment-based flow yoga we move in a linear synchronicity, patterning our bodies to the alignment of yoga asanas. While this moving in a linear fashion is incredible learning and discipline, we tend to focus on this disciplined learning of movement, while ignoring our innate developmental movement patterns, the spiraling, circular forms of movement that are essential to our innate selves that we call “Super flow.” Drawing inspiration from Yoga, ancient martial arts, dance, surfing, ski and snowboard maneuvers, Super Flow is an ecstatic form of movement. Set to music, it starts off slowly allowing ourselves to feel centered and open in our bodies. Gradually we build up in intensity, spiraling back in touch with the joy of movement.

Superflow is not a replacement of Yoga as we know it, but a powerful complement to the regular yoga practice. Offering a little more exuberance and a little less introverted energy. It complements static movements with rhythmic flow. You will sweat, release and feel the life force pulsing through you.

Urban Ayurveda with Insiya Rasiwala-Finn
Friday, April 6th, 12:15 – 14:00

We live in a world of 24/7 stimulation. The impact of our current pace of living has resulted in disconnect, stress and chronic health imbalances. How can we stay healthy, grounded, present and not burn out? What is true freedom and how can we experience it? Join Insiya for an exciting conversation grounded in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, yet peppered with practical modern insights on how to find balance, ease, purpose and presence in a world that is moving so fast we can scarcely keep up. We will end our discussion with a healing meditation to gain balance and presence.

Open Heart, Open Hips with Eoin Finn
Friday, April 6th, 14:15 – 15:45

It’s time to get super deep with our hip openers. This means that we will take some time to break down the basics of hip function, the muscles we are targeting around the hip, the potential risk and alignment strategies so we can choose the appropriate level without harming ourselves. Expect to go deep using Blissology Alignment principles, opening up to our energy body and the wisdom of our deepest heart. As always, the focus ultimately is on opening up to love–the ultimate renewable resource.


The Yoga Of Conscious Parenting with Insiya Rasiwala-Finn
Sunday, April 8th, 13:00 – 14:00

We all seek to parent with presence, compassion and love and yet real life often gets in the way. Join yogini, ayurvedic counsellor and mama Insiya Rasiwala-Finn in this stimulating workshop where she will share tangible insights from yoga’s sister science of Ayurveda to bring more balance, space, health, ease and love for our children and ourselves in the fast pace of modern life.

Check the rest of the schedule and buy tickets at BaliSpirit’s website.


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