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Commit to Bliss

Release your inner Blissologist, progress your yoga and meditation practices and create an Upward Spiral in your life with this 3-day Blissology lifestyle program.


Start: 2018/02/16
End: 2018/02/18


Tri Yoga Soho, London
2nd floor Kingly Court, Soho
London, W1B 5PW United Kingdom
Website: https://triyoga.co.uk

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What to expect

Learn how to live life with presence, joy and purpose with this transformative program designed to help you to create positive life shifts from the inside out.

Through Blissology Yoga practices and insightful discussions, we will experience why quiet time in nature is the essential spiritual gateway. Learn how to read bodily feedback to release “issues from our tissues” and explore techniques to honor our body’s barometer for inner guidance and healing.

Some fluency with Hatha Yoga is recommended but not essential. You will expand your yoga practice no matter what level you may be at. If meditation seems hard to you, it will be both a easy and a total joy after this course. This program will deepen your connection to your Highest Vibrational Self and is a potent gift to your own life, to your personal relationships, your work and to the planet itself. Be ready to feel inspired and channel Bliss.

Yoga for Happiness: How to create an Upward Spiral.

February 16th, 2018
19:30 – 21:30

How can we cultivate and experience happiness in a lasting way? This is one of the central questions of the Blissology path, in fact, it is “the” question that Blissology founder Eoin Finn has explored over the last 30 years of his work in yoga asana, meditation, psychology and philosophy.

In this inspiring weekend, Eoin will share his evolutionary approach to happiness that culls from a simple yet profound realization: happiness is best when shared. When we light the candle in another person’s heart it does not diminish our flame.  This is when we can open space for joy and share that energy with others, creating what Eoin calls an Upward Spiral.

We will explore questions like: What is happiness? What are the paths to happiness? How can the practice of yoga asana and meditation contribute to my happiness?  As well, Eoin will share powerful tools based on yoga, meditation and neuroscience to develop a more positive attitude and to suffer less by releasing the grip of negative thought loops in our bodies, minds and hearts.

This Blissology discussion will be followed by an energizing and flowing Blissology Yoga practice that will make every cell in your body feel radiant and vital.

We will rekindle the fire in our hearts so we can become the positive force we want to see in the world!


Life Surfing: Blissology, Yoga and Life’s Ultimate Question.

February 17th, 2018
10:00 – 12:30

Knowing our life’s purpose is a core value of the Blissology path. It is one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves. Yet most of us don’t know our purpose or at best have only a vague and fuzzy idea of how to articulate it.  This means we end up drifting around in the ocean of life and not surfing through it on waves of joy.

In Blissology we ask: Why bob around when you can surf? We want you to own your life mission in a short, concise mantra that you can repeat several times per day to give your life guidance, purpose and clarity. The purpose of life is what you give it, so let’s get crystal clear.

After a short discussion about techniques for defining our life missions, we will practice a joyous Blissology Yoga flow.  During this practice we will relax into the answers. We will open up our great super computer: our intuition.  You will see that your life mission is inside of you, in fact it is waiting to be articulated. We will clear all that obscures our heart’s deepest message so we can stop just living a life and live a life of purpose.


Love is the Ultimate Renewable Resource.

February 17th, 2018
14:30 – 17:00

This master class starts off with a 30-40 minute Blissology discussion about the most googled question in the world: “What is Love?” What are the different types of Love? Is love only sweet? What about grief and all things bitter? How can we transmute those negative experiences into joy? Some of us are blocked about loving to our full capacity fearing vulnerability.  Others give love so much we feel depleted and resentful.  How does yoga help us become more loving? Is love a neuro-chemical or a great force in the universe like electromagnetism? What does nature have to teach us about how we can create more Love? Why are we so afraid of touch?

After these life-altering explorations, we will go deep into a Blissology Vinyasa Flow class that will not just get you loose and fit but release restore our connection to our inner light.  Expect your heart to feel lighter and more open and to reset your whole operating system with a huge download of bliss.


Superflow: the Joy of Movement

February 18th, 2018
10:00 – 12:30

Flow is the essence of our being[Symbol]it involves being present to every breath that we take and to our collective universal breath. In alignment-based flow yoga we move in a linear synchronicity, patterning our bodies to the alignment of yoga asanas. While this moving in a linear fashion is incredible way of learning and discipline, we tend to focus on too much, while ignoring our innate developmental movement patterns, the spiraling, circular forms of movement that are essential to our innate selves that we call “superflow.”

Drawing inspiration from yoga, ancient martial arts, dance, surfing, ski and snowboard  maneuvers, Superflow is an ecstatic form of movement. Set to music, it starts off slowly, allowing ourselves to feel centered and open in our bodies. Gradually we build up in intensity, spiralling back in touch with the joy of movement.

Superflow is not a replacement of yoga as we know it, but a powerful complement to the regular yoga practice, offering a little more exuberance and a little less introverted energy. It complements static movements with rhythmic flow. Expect to find the state of mind called flow and joy in your body.  You will sweat, release and feel the life force pulsing through you.


Skill of Chill: Lecture, Meditation and Slow-Flow Vinyasa.

February 18th, 2018
14:30 – 17:00

Be ready for a deep soulful slow flow yoga class and an incredible meditation experience that is nothing short of paradigm shifting. We want to share the tools and techniques of how to be more present and feel the profound connection to our bodies, our community and nature. Expect a short lecture on yoga, your nervous system and the adrenals. Discover how understanding the adrenals and the nervous system can serve to balance out our Chakra system. After a slow, deep practice, we will explore our energy body in a Blissology Circle of Light Meditation. Bring calm, clarity and light into your life and open up our deepest consciousness.  The inspiration from this workshop will be with us for the rest of our lives.  This happiness is best when shared.

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