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100-hour Blissology Immersion (Session 2)

We are returning to our roots and are thrilled to offer this 100-hr Immersion as a part of our 200-hour yoga teacher training course in Vancouver!


Start: 2019/02/18
End: 2019/02/27


180 E. Pender St.
Vancouver, British Columbia V6A 1T3 Canada
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Phone: 778 - 819 - 6488 Website: http://stretchvancouver.com/

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What to expect

Please note that this is Session 2 of the 200-hr Blissology Teacher Training.
Prerequisite: completion of Blissology Session 1.

Join renowned yogi + Blissologist, Eoin Finn and a crew of great assistants to participate in the Blissology 100-hour Immersion in Vancouver. This intensive course offers a powerful and sustainable way for you to deepen your life’s purpose and meaning. You will live, experience and embody intelligent techniques to practice Yoga in a way to maximize the health and sustainability of our bodies, while evolving the way we view life and relate to our world. We call this the art and science of Blissology.



  • Topics

  • FAQs

    1. When does the course start and when does it end?
    Start: 2:30 pm on the first day of every session.
    End: 2:30 pm on the last day of every session.
    *These times are subject to change slightly in which case you will be notified as soon as possible.

    2. What is the location of the training?
    The Blissology Immersion will be held at Stretch–a beautiful yoga studio in East Vancouver.
    Stretch is located at:
    Address: 180 E. Pender St., Vancouver, BC V6A 1T3
    Phone: 778 – 819 – 6488

    3. Accommodation: Where can I stay while doing the Blissology course?
    We want to offer you flexibility at Blissology and not just on your yoga mat! This is why we offer our students the option to book their own accommodation directly. We do this so that you can find a room that is suitable to your budget and needs. We highly recommend checking out Airbnb and look for accommodation in East Vancouver. Email us if you have questions about hotels.

    4. How do I get around? Do I need to rent a car? Bike? Are there local buses?
    Vancouver has an extensive public transport system. You can also use bicycles throughout the city, just be prepared for inclement weather and rain.

    5. Where can I park?
    Metered street parking is available on Pender, as well as on Main (lower rate, *bus lane during peak hrs.)
    EasyPark (covered parkade), 180 keefer
    There is also a lot on the corner of Columbia & Keefer.

    international village mall, 88 w. pender (entrance on Abbott)
    Local ‘secret’ spot. Essentially a ‘free’ underground parkade. They offer the first 2 hrs complimentary to mall patrons and movie-goers. Our guests have stayed longer, ticket-free. That said, no guarantee.

    6. Do you have any good cafe/ restaurant suggestions in the area?
    coffee + juice

    propaganda, 209 e. pender (just up the street, after Main, on the left)
    Coffee snobs, connoisseurs, and lovers go here! It is delicious. They have a selection of pastries and a small menu. $$

    matchstick, 213 e. georgia
    Coffee connoisseurs also head here. They also have pastries and a small menu. Can be loud when it’s busy. $$$

    half fool, 18 e. pender
    juice + smoothies and all kinds of packaged goods. $$

    the birds & the beets, 55 powell
    Fabulous coffee and house-made bread. Delicious breakfast and lunch. $$

    lunch + snacks

    pazzo chow, 620 Quebec St
    Italian fresh, to-go. They have a small communal table if you feel like chatting, Maya, the owner, is a delight. Gluten free. Usually a veg option, not always. $

    harvest, 243 union st
    Noodles, noodles, noodles. Fresh. Vegan and gluten free options. Super Yum. They also have Earnest ice cream. $$

    pacific poké, 625 main st
    Bowls. Create a combo or menu. Healthy. Fish, meat and vegetarian options. Satisfy a craving for clean, wholesome food, packed with bold flavours. $$

    new town bakery, 148 e. pender (just down the street to the left)
    Chinese comfort food. Famous buns and dim-sum. Cash only. $

    bestie, 105 e. pender (across the street to the left)
    German comfort food. Vegetarian options. Delicious. They accept Bitcoin. $

    fat mao, 217 e. georgia st
    Noodles, noodles, noodles. A couple of vegetarian options. Very delicious. $$


    bao bei, 163 keefer st (across the alley)
    Chinese Brasserie. Dumplings. Delicious cocktails. We share appies and love sitting at the bar. Love is place. Veg options. Weekends can be busy. $$$

    cuchillo, 261 powell st
    Mexican inspired restaurant. So good! It gets busy on the weekend. Veg options. Try the “fondito”! $$

    bestie, 105 e. pender (across the street to the left)
    German comfort food. Vegetarian options. Delicious. Beer. They accept Bitcoin. $

    harvest, 243 union st (closes at 8pm)
    Noodles, noodles, noodles. Fresh vegan and gluten free options. $$

    7. What is a typical day like?
    8:30am – 10:15am: Morning Asana Practice
    11:00am – 1:00pm: Time off for brunch
    1:00pm – 3:00pm: Afternoon Session
    3:00pm – 3:30pm: Break
    3:30pm – 6:00pm: Evening Session
    *Times may vary slightly.

    Morning Sessions regularly include: quiet journaling, meditation, practice, Blissology chats, philosophy lesson and circle time.

    Afternoon Sessions regularly include: anatomy, alignment work, adjustments, practice teaching, Blissology chats, Blissology rituals and homework.

    *Most hours in this course are contact hours with Eoin, Insiya and Blissology Team assistants but some hours are to be spent on homework, practice teaching, journaling, meditation and self-study (Svadhyaya).

    8. How much yoga will we do during the course?
    Some days will be more physical than others but expect to practice asana for at least one 3-hr session each day. You will be doing more asana on certain days, while on others it may vary, depending on the course material that needs to be covered. Eoin is very intuitive and will adjust the level of asana if necessary. We ask that you respect your body/practice and take care to protect your joints from injury. We encourage taking rest when needed and growing past your edge with conscious effort when possible. Through this course you will gain knowledge and strength that will surely show through on the mat.

    9. What can I do to prepare for the Immersion?
    (they say you need to say Important things 3 times!)

    We want to stress that is absolutely essential that you know the Yoga Honey Routine inside out and sideways. We have a PDF for you but please also practice the routine with Eoin—you can either download an older audio version of the routine from iTunes (the podcast is called “Blissology Conduit 58 minute Flow”) or get the newest video version on Alo Moves in Eoin’s Quiet Mind bundle (hint: Alo Moves offers a free trial, then it’s 20 USD/month). Their monthly subscriptions give you access to all of Eoin’s other classes as well as other amazing teachers’ routines. We suggest you learn the Alo Moves version.

    This is one of the sequences you will be learning during the Immersion and you must know the flow and poses intimately.

    10. What is the reading list for the training?
    Essential Reading (please buy or borrow these books for the YTT, these are required for the course)

    Bhagavad Gita translation by Stephen Mitchell
    The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, Sanskrit-English Translation & Glossary by Chip Hartranft

    For the Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita, students can try reading these texts without worrying whether they get it or not. We will unpack the ideas during the course but at least try and let as little or as much as possible sink in.

    Recommended Readings
    Although not essential to purchase, we will refer to these books during the course. We believe they will be a good addition to your yoga teaching library:

    Power vs Force by David R Hawkins
    Somatics by Thomas Hanna
    Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell (Chapters 1 and 4)
    Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, translated by Stephen Mitchell
    Sacred Balance by David Suzuki
    Natural Intelligence by Susan Aposhyan
    Yoga Body by Mark Singleton
    The Subtle Body: Yoga in America by Stephanie Syman
    Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff

    11. What if my book is a different translation?
    We ask that you do your best in getting these specific books. Please do your best and plan ahead and purchase or borrow with enough time allowing for shipping if needed.

    12. The application requires 2 letters of reference. What do these letters need to say?
    Generally, these letters are character references. Usually they’re from yoga teachers or yoga students. Otherwise, letters from employers are also acceptable. They can be sent directly to trainings@blissology.com. While the letters are required, they’re a formality in your application. If you know you will apply, please complete your online application form and the letters can follow in the next 2 weeks. You can find the online application form by clicking on this link here.

    13. How experienced in yoga do I need to be?
    We ask that students come to the training with at least 1 year of solid and consistent yoga practice under their belt.

    14. Will I be certified to teach after this training?
    The 100-hr Immersion is the first half of the YTT. In order to obtain your Yoga Alliance certification and teach you need to complete the full 200 hours. The 100-hr Immersion is ideal to deepen your yoga practice and dive into Blissology alignment principles. You can do the 100-hr Immersion and then complete the 2nd half at any other location/time that we offer it. If you would only like to join us for the Session 2, you need to have the 100-hr Immersion completed.

    15. I’ve already taken a 200-Hr YTT. Will this course count for my Yoga Alliance credit?
    If you have already taken a 200-hr YTT and are certificed with Yoga Alliance, then the 100-hr Immersion or 200-hr YTT can count as Continuing Education credit as Eoin is a certified YACEP.

    16. I cannot afford to pay the entire tuition cost at once. Is there a payment plan? How does it work?
    We want to make our Blissology programs accessible to future Blissologists through two types of payment plans. We offer the YTT and the Immersion both as 4 equal payments due every 8 weeks or 6 equal payments due every 6 weeks. There is an additional 5% credit card fee that is built into the plan.

    17. What is the Blissology YTT Cancellation Policy?
    We keep our Cancellation policy aligned yet flexible so we can better plan to produce a training that is seamless, transformative and allows you to focus on getting the most out of an experience you have taken valuable time out in your life for! For example, while your deposits are non-refundable, once your application has been approved, they are fully transferable to other Blissology Training Programs if a circumstance arises in your life that makes it impossible for you to attend the original program you had signed up for.

    > Final Payments are due 60 days prior to the course commencement, unless you are on a pre-agreed upon payment plan. After this date, final payment for all new registrations is due immediately.
    > Up to 60 days before the course commencement a student may transfer to a course within 18 months of the original course’s start date.
    > 50% fee charged if cancellation made 60-89 days of course commencement.
    > Cancellation made within 30 days of course commencement; payment is completely non-refundable, non-transferable.
    > Blissology will not be held in breach of contract in case of “Event of Force Majeure.” This refers to an event beyond Blissology’s control, which prevents a Party from complying with any of its obligations under this contract such as but not limited to Political Unrest or Acts of God.

What is included

  • A 300 page Blissology YTT manual.
  • A Globally Recognized Blissology Yoga Level 1 YTT Certification which qualifies you for the 200-hr Yoga Alliance Certification (RYT 200)

What is not

  • Travel and accommodation. There are plenty of options for accommodation close by to suit your budget. Contact us for details.
  • Food.


Note: This is not an application for the training, just a request for information about the training.


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