Blissology 101

Drop a Pin {Earth Day Poem}

When the glow in the mountains lights your soul
When you find yourself looking at the splendor of the clouds or a bird in flight

Pause and Drop a Pin

When the movement of wind on the water lulls you into a timeless peace
When the setting sun holds you in its golden light

Pause and Drop a Pin

When life shrinks you down
When you lose your way and cold winds make you pull your jacket over tightly over your chest
When you feel darkness enter your mind and hope seems out of reach

Remember all the sacred places that invited you into yourself
Remember the vast expanse of all those pins
A little piece of you lives in those corners

Don’t let your heart shrink or your world grow small.


The Biggest Benefit of a Yoga Practice

I can’t tell you how many new yoga students have come to me in their first weeks of yoga and said, “My husband (or wife) really wants to thank you for your classes.”

I know most people think the biggest benefit of yoga practice after a month of practice is flexibility.