Blissology Yoga Advice: Time to Get Real

Blissology is the art of brining more love into the world. However as yogis, we need to be aware of our finances and root chakras. Here is so powerful food for thought

This is root chakra wisdom. I want you to share your heart, but I also want you to watch your pennies.

After almost 2 1/2 decades of yoga teaching, I’ve got some advice to share. This time it’s not just about how to be more in your heart chakra or how to do a safer backbend. It’s about ROI and cost benefits analysis.

Teaching yoga is an honor and a joy. The payment I get in smiles and authentic human connection is immeasurable. But that doesn’t pay the rent.

I wouldn’t trade this path for anything, but it’s important to be smart financially. If you are called to share your heart’s deepest message with the world, here’s some straight shooting advice.

Let me know your thoughts. Follow your bliss not your bills.

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