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Insiya is getting back on her game after a long winter of healing. We are excited to share our latest Passion and Process about Eoin’s long time awaited yoga book: Yoga Optimized.

Does the world really need a new yoga book?
Journalist, writer and yogi Insiya Rasiwala-finn interviews her husband Eoin Finn about the whys behind his new project Yoga Optimize.
As his partner she has been an intimate witness to Finn’s determined passion in creating what he terms his life’s work; and she asks him the questions you want the answers to.

Let’s Co-Create an Upward Spiral of Bliss!

We’re at the final push now behind this book. We’ve decided to self-publish it and we need your help to get it to you and out into the world.

Our Kickstarter goes live very soon and we would Love it if you can sign up on the pre launch page so you will know when it’s ready to go. If you don’t know Kickstarter, it’s basically a really fun platform to do advanced sales to help finance the production of the book. If we get, let’s say 1,000 book sales, then everyone gets a hard cover. If we get 1,500 book sales, we have a big party and invite everyone, etc. 🤙🏼

✨So please go to my KICKSTARTER PAGE AND PRESS NOTIFY ME WHEN THIS CAMPAIGN LAUNCHES. ✨Also, share the link with as many people as possible. This work is powerful and will democratize yoga and help you to use this wisdom body for the good of your own and your community and nature. Let’s create an upward spiral together.

Here is the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/pro…/blissology/yoga-optimized

And thank you for always keeping the bliss alive. It takes a community to keep life positively charged so let’s keep supporting one another.

Namaste + aloha,
Eoin Finn

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