Blissology 101

Bali YTT Vision for Epic Community: Residential Accommodation

Dear Blissologists,

This course is deep, unique and powerful. None of us are ever the same at the end of it than we began. We have learned how to heal our bodies, our minds and our hearts.  We are kinder, wiser and most importantly more connected. Connection in Blissology is key as it is a pillar of happiness. For this reason, we are offering accommodation on site at Cosmos Oasis as part of the course offering this year. We wanted to share with you our reasons for strongly recommending the onsite rooms.

1. STAY TOGETHER AND GROW TOGETHER: we believe that the Blissology YTTs are about community and we want you to plug into the collective energy and connection during the course! It is amazing how powerful that is for all of us.

2. We’ve worked hard to rally the retreat center for affordable room prices! The Mezzanine Capsule Rooms in particular are an incredible deal. You’ll see photos and rates below for all the various rooms offered!

3. We will sleep more easily knowing that more of you are close by. While we know there are many places to stay in Canggu, if you are a single person or sharing a double room in particular, we think you will be quite comfortable right at Cosmos. If you are a family and coming with a partner we understand that you may want a villa or other accommodation options, but we do urge you especially if you are traveling alone to hang with the rest of the Bliss tribe. Our experience from past YTT’s is that students who stay on-site with the majority of the group truly get the most out of the training experience.

When you stay on site you will also have access 24/7 to the pool, full kitchen, room cleaning cleaning everyday,
shampoo, body wash, towels and the super friendly staff that we’ve been fortunate to know for the past few years. Indoor/outdoor lounge area etc. Plus you will be in the heart of Canggu yet in a quiet zone away from the busy streets.

Please contact Cosmos for airport transfers at the cost of 300,000 IDR (equivalent to $21 USD) one way. This is a very reasonable rate and we highly encourage you to arrange transport with where you will be staying. The driver will not get lost finding your accommodation! If you arrange at the airport, it is possible that your driver might not his way. Airport pick ups are included with booking only for the monthly booking.

There are rooms to suit every budget ranging from $360 per month all the way up to $2000. Theses rooms on-site do book out so please inquire about availability.  For inquiries, please email Danila at  He is located in Bali so please note there may be a bit time delay if you are in North America.

General guidelines:

> All prices are in USD

> 5% service fee + 10% government tax are to be added to final bill.

> check in date is May 1st, check out date is May 31st (if you’d like to stay in the room before/after, daily rates apply)

> all bookings are handled by Cosmos

Here are the rooms and rates below.

Cosmos (single or double) (3 Rooms left!)

*These rates will be split if booked as double room.

Session 1: $890
Session 2: $790
Full month including break: $2000
Session 1 + Session 2: $1440
Daily rate: $80


Single Mezzanine (capsule) with Bathroom (ALL BOOKED)

Triple Bunk with Bathroom (BOOKED)

Twin Bunk with Bathroom (BOOKED)

Twin Share (BOOKED)

Guesthouse Room (1 pending -ASK!)

fridge + shared corridor

Session 1: $480
Session 2: $405
Full month including break: $1060
Session 1 + Session 2: $800
Daily rate: $48