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Insiya grew up in India with Yoga and Ayurveda shaping her life in profound ways she wasn’t even aware of, until she dropped out of a corporate career, rediscovering her calling to inspire, teach and connect to our truth.

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Formerly the marketing manager for yoga clothing success story lululemon athletica, Insiya left to pursue her goals of freelance writing and teaching yoga.

She is passionate about offering a modern, lyrical interpretation of yoga while still honoring the traditional teachings from her birthplace and her unique perspective offers inspiration, poetry, joy and fresh insights to this ever-evolving practice. She has been featured in the pages of Yoga Journal and contributes as a travel wellness writer to Conde Nast Traveler, Asia Spa and Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail.

You can follow Insiya at her blog Yogue, where she writes about living sustainably and mindfully with style.

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