Month: August 2019

Yoga Poses to Balance your Doshas for Health & Happiness.

Ayurveda—India’s ancient wisdom science of longevity—categorizes us as unique individuals, each stepping into life with our own physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual blueprint.

This blueprint, or prakriti in Sanskrit, arises from Ayurveda’s universal life-creating elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space. These elements combine to form specific bio-energies called doshas, existing within us as well as in the world at large. Earth and water create the heavy Kapha dosha, from fire and water emerges fiery Pitta, and from air and space we get light and excitable Vata.

It is our unique ratio of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha that gives us recognizable characteristics, traits, and quirks. For example, earthy Kapha people have bigger bones and tend toward calm solidity, athletic Pitta people exhibit competitiveness and passion, while Vata people tend toward thinner frames, as well as a quick, creative, scattered mind.

Our work in life, according to Ayurveda, is to understand our doshic blueprint so that we can choose activities, food, and a lifestyle that balance, rather than amplify, our doshas.

Understanding our doshas is also key to getting the most benefits from our yoga practice. If you’ve ever been to a yoga class and emerged feeling a little out of it—you may have felt irritable and over-heated; or perhaps too scattered and spacey, or too mellow and melancholy—it is possible that your yoga practice is not supporting your doshas.

Here is a short guide to poses that will help to balance your doshas for maximum health and happiness…

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Steph Winsor

Fire only burns as bright as there are flames to continue keeping it alive. Our Blissology Yoga Teacher’s Collective is burning bright and we are so excited to share the first of our Bliss Blogs on some of the amazing spirits and shining lights who are continuing to speak, connect and inspire their Bliss.

Steph Winsor

Where in the world you can find me! Town/Studio:
I live between New York City and Denver, Colorado! I teach for CorePower Yoga and The River. 

What originally drew me to yoga?
I think I was first tricked into doing yoga as a injure prevention approach during my childhood ski racing days. I was later attracted to the community and wellness aspects in college.

Blissology to me is…
A system of yoga that was organized by Eoin to help us channel the gifts of Eastern philosophy and practice with Western mysticism to better handle our modern lives and health challenges. It has most importantly also been a collection of humans that make me feel at home, safe, and inspired to grow.

My life mission is…
To live and heal through science and Spirit!

The most important thing yoga has taught me is…
How to set up the conditions to connect within and with others.

When I’m not on the yoga mat, I’m…
Studying at Columbia University, skiing, exploring NYC or spending time with loved ones.

The cause/project I am most passionate about is…
Legitimizing yoga and spirituality as a tool for healing.

I am learning to…
Pray and connect with God/Spirit/Source/The Universe.

What I want to teach others (through yoga) is to…
Heal and Connect.

Most inspiring yoga related experience:
I always have the best time at the Blissology training on Vancouver Island. Tofino and Ukee are very charging for me!

Favorite yoga pose: 
Double pigeon.

Best way to fuel up after yoga:
A cold coconut in Bali with Ellie Mercado!

Yoga and music are…
Both tools to create the conditions for embodiment! They inspire so much emotion and movement within me. 

I create community with Blissology by…
Maintaining deep friendships with my bliss sisters and brothers. I’m also grateful to support our community through supporting Eoin as a training assistant. 

I am most grateful for… 
My parents.

What advice do you have for aspiring yoga teachers?
I know the asana can be exciting, healing and fun. But please see what you can do to gift connection and healing to your community by showing them how yoga creates space to be spiritual. This is what the practice is about at its deeper levels and I know you have such a beautiful access to this gift if you are a Blissologist! Teach safe and nurturing movements, this doesn’t mean easy, make it challenging, connected and thoughtful!


More about Steph and how to connect with her on her Bliss Army teacher profile.