November 3 – 26, 2023
Yoga Teacher Training

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Bali Borders are open, there is no more quarantine. A full update is below.

Your Bali Yoga Teacher Training Bliss Kit

Everything you need to know about our 100-hour Yoga Immersions and 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali.

“Radically shift your yoga practice or commit to teaching.”

Our Bali Blissology Yoga Teacher Training is an immersive opportunity to dive deep into the practice, lifestyle and embodiment of Blissology Yoga that is authentically suited to balance the pace and rigors of our modern lives. If you are looking to either radically shift your yoga practice or commit to teaching, this course is for you.

The 200-hour yoga teacher training is a seamless experience that will transform your perspectives on Yoga and how to integrate this evolving practice in a way that nourishes you, your community and the planet.

If you are ready to answer the call of your deepest heart and create the world that our soul knows is possible, let’s create an Upward Spiral together.

What makes this training different?

At Blissology, we believe that no pose should be taught in a “one-size fits all” way.
Instead, we will share an intelligent system for how to customize the practice to fit the unique needs of each body.

We encourage you to feel the poses deeply in your body.
This allows you to reach a whole new level of joy in each pose as you unlock massive therapeutic benefits.

Feeling the power of these poses from the inside out sets the foundation to confidently share the benefits of the practice.
You will completely own what you say and feel.

What you’ll learn

We are not satisfied with just teaching you a script or regurgitating tired yoga cues. Instead, we want to profoundly level up your understanding of the biomechanics of each pose so that you experience and embody what makes our bodies function well and last longer.

In order to share this high degree of knowledge, we have developed an elegant system of alignment that breaks down the patterns and principles of therapeutic yoga into bite-sized pieces. Through this, you will be able to distil from Eoin’s 3 + decades of yoga practice and teaching.

You will be able to regulate your mind and body back to peace and become a conduit for love.

Ultimately, you will be able to share powerful experiences that are a remedy for the biggest disease of our time, disconnection. At the end of the classes you share, people will feel more connected to their bodies, communities and to nature. This intention is at the heart of Blissology.

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Your Bali Yoga Teacher Training Bliss Kit

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